Video Surveillance Cameras are Useful for Both Personal and Commercial  
Fire alarm systems provide a reliable safety presence for your home or office, giving essential advance notice during a fire emergency.

A fire alarm system is made up of detectors, sounders, and other equipment to alert building occupants of a possible fire. The system may use several types of audible and visible indicators to signal a problem.

These systems are connected to a central monitoring station, which provides 24/7/365 surveillance of your fire alarm. The monitoring station will have all of your contact and location information saved into their system.

Once your fire alarm is triggered, the control panel (the "brains" of the system) sends the relevant details to the central monitoring station and authorities are called to the scene.

Fire Alarms
Wireless Burglar Alarms
We Can Integrate Video Surveillance,
Fire Alarms, and Burglar Alarms.
If fact, It's a Great Idea.

Caught on Video!

Help Catch Criminals
Who Target You!
    We will help you to determine your needs, design the perfect system for those needs, and do everything we can to keep it cost effective for you.
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No Ugly Wires
The sensors interact with the control panel by radio transmission, so there are no surface wires.

No Installation Disruption
There are no cables to be run or channeled in, so  there is a minimum amount of disruption during installation.

Time Saving
Because there are no cables to be run, it takes much less the time to install.

Once installed, the system can easily be adapted and extended with the minimum amount of disruption.

Money Saving
You save money when choosing to buy a radio wireless burglar alarm system!

Keypads and power units must be hard-wired.
24 - 7 - 365
Alarm Monitoring Available
Protect your family and business with a
state-of-the-art Burglar Alarm System expertly installed by Alliance Security - CCTI.